Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter vacation

I'm back from my village, where I spent the last 3 days.
The weather is almost depressively hot.
Nothing interesting happened, I spent my time mostly in sleeping, drinking Nestea with green tea and playing the Sims 3 World Adventure. I also made two-three bike-trips to a hill near the village.
Now the photos:



- really old sunglasses, I think my grandfather's, but they're awesome

- my grandfather's bike, because he punctured the tire of mine


- the little fellows were with me too. They didn't really enjoy the hot weather.

That's pretty much all about it.


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CrushingAxes said...

Hmmm... i don't think you should eat that flower ! Hahahahahaha... but the pic's are great ! Nice sunglasses ! And Yay for bike rides ! =D