Project "Cloud"

Part 1

During my travels to Western European countries and with the help of my foreign contacts, I learned a lot about the educational systems in different countries. 

This is the balance I want to change.

 Part 2

What triggered the idea is the launching trailer for Google's Chromebok:

Part 3

To apply the new concept, we must first begin on a local level - school by school.  
Even though renovations in Bulgaria happen slow and need time to be applied to the individual needs of every institution, if there is the right motivation among students and teachers, it can work much faster.
Later, when there is enough acceptance, the concept will be taken to the Ministry of Education and later presented to the EU parliament with request for financing a whole finished system to be applied in the whole country. Financing will be needed for those schools who don't have the needed resources and/or base to build their own platforms.

Part 4
Applying the concept will lead to numerous positive changes within the educational system, into the attitude of both students and teachers towards the educational process, and of course to the environment. Also, the concept will motivate institutions to seek foreign experience and advice, that will result in future cooperation.

Part 5


If you want to contribute with your experience, ready concepts for web platforms, or in any other way, please contact me via email:

Note: I will be updating these two pages with actual informaiton about how the project is going, so stay tuned!

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