Friday, October 12, 2012

Carnival of light and Worldwide photowalk

We're currently charging the batteries for tomorrow!

Plan involves heading to Helsinki early in the morning. We'll be there mainly for shooting the opening of the Carnival of Light at Linnanmäki amusement park [they were great to give us free full-entry passes], but we might as well hop on the Worldwide photowalk that will be held there in the afternoon.

I can say there's been some really bad organizing for the photowalk, since there's not even the slightest info about the leader [apart than just a name that matches a bunch of inactive google+ profiles], nor event marked on Google+ [and the Facebook one doesn't seem to work according to the comments]. 
I also found one here in Turku, but same thing with organizing - no event was set, and even with having 60+ Finnish people in my circles, I found out about the event from the official page. Such a shame, really. 
Maybe next year I'll sign up for a photowalk leader, at least organizing isn't a problem for me.

Apart from those two, we might as well meet up with a very sweet person at the carnival. Hopefully she'll make it. :]

Linnanmäki amusement park         


Chad Syphrett said...

Brilliant artwork. I love the location and bright colors in this photo.

CrushingAxes said...

Run !!! There is ghosts everywhere !

Chad Syphrett said...

I understand your frustration about the lack of event-planning and good leaders. I hope you'll be invited to lead the Worldwide Photowalk and reunite with friends at the Carnival of Light.