Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stockholm travel note

Before I begin the story, note that me and Kalle were extremely sleepy during the whole day, because of noisy drunk people on the ship. Also, the weather we caught was very unpleasant - with wind, and rain. However, we've discussed several times our trip, and what each of us was impressed and  repulsed of. We also agreed to definitely repeat that trip when the weather is better and more welcomming.

Now, Stockholm was among the places I dreamed to live in someday, but only until I actually went there. 
Don't get me wrong - it's an amazingly beautiful city with its authentic architecture. What I really enjoyed was walking around the city center and in Gamla Stan, with all the small stores and cafes, where the hot chocolate and sweet strawberry gelly pie are to die for.

Also, we visited the Stockholm Museum of Photography ,where apparently "art" was equal to black and white photos. The people in there were mostly hipsters, staring at blurry squares on the walls, trying to feel what was said in the description of the piece would make someone feel. If that's art - it's not my type of spoon.

What I really missed about it is the actual Swedish culture in the atmosphere. I know it's a very international capital, but it was a bit too much for me. Without being racist or discriminative, I could see more Japanesse tourists on the streets, Indian and Middle Eastern staff in the service sector, Finns and Russians in the stores, than actual Swedes. Also, in the restaurants and on the streets the music I could hear was some very unpleasant to me mixture between Greek and Turkish melodies. 
So now, I can't really tell anything about the people in that part of Sweden, because I couldn't get to see them [except that apparently they don't mind wearing very dirty Pikachu jumpsuits and bunny-hats in the middle of a fancy shopping center]. 

sleepy and cold

In conclusion - maybe I had too high expectations, so I got disappointed in the end, maybe I got used to Finland and its standards too much, but what I saw from Stockholm, in overall, didn't impress me.
Also, there are many more photos, but editing takes a while, so make sure to keep an eye to the blog.



Невестулка said...

Обожавам да чета блога ти, въпреки че го правя тихичко от сенките. А и снимките!!! Все се размечтавам и аз да тръгна. Да пишеш по-често (шегувам се с пълното съзнание, че едва ли имаш време)! Тъй де, реших, както се казва в песента: "to praise you like I should", или по нашему - да си те по'фаля како си требе. :)

Violeta Ivanova said...

Ехехех, мерсим, мерсим много!
Време имам бол, тъй като в момента си търся работа, а ученето го прекъснах в Холандия, сигурно вече си чела причините. Едитването на снимките ми отнема мнооого време, понеже си губя времето в гугъл+. За момента имам доста готов материал, та ще се постарая да го постна тия дни.

Chad Syphrett said...
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Chad Syphrett said...

I wish you'all had more fun at Stolkholm. I see what you mean about the "pros & cons" of your vacation, there.

Your description of this tour in Sweden was funny/interesting and awesome. Those photos are very much-appreciated. Thanks for sharing your review and images (above).

Невестулка said...

Ох, и аз си търся работа в Бг, но тук, ако не искаш да работиш като сервитьор, а си само със средно образование, не можеш да си намериш нищо. Не че не работя за себе си от вкъщи, обаче пък проблема е тогава да си намериш кой да ти плаща... А и аз си губя времето из интернет. Както казах по-рано - иде ми да хвана пътя и да не се върна...

Violeta Ivanova said...

Ем, проблема тук е, че сега ще се местим в Турку, като по-голям град и бивша столица, заради университетите, да имам повече възможности. Вече започнах да търся работа онлайн, но както всяка друга не-англо държава се иска и местен език, а знаеш с финския как е, учиш език от същата група, не е като да са от най-лесните.