Monday, April 18, 2011

Science convention

Yeap, it's the conventions season.

I was asked to present at the Bulgarian - Ukranian annual science convention today. This year the themes were "Cosmos and us", "Yuri Gagarin and the dreams beyond the atmosphere" and "Atom".
My presentation was on "Atom - When the constructive can lead to global destruction". In overall, I talked about the "nuclear race" in the middle of XX century, nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants - mostly about the Chernobyl disaster and about Fukushima 1 and what happens after such catastrophies.
I recieved great feedback from the Ukranian lectors and students about my respectful and full review on Chernobyl, especially so closely to the memorial day [26 April].
I'm glad I met these guys again. The group from Gorlovka participated last year on the same convention, so we had quite a good chat afterward.

I also got a certificate for best performance [yes, one more in the collection]:

- blame it on the lack of sleep

and here's a close-up to my badge:

- no, that's not my handwriting. I can never write that pretty.

Now I really need some sleep, because I prepared my presentation in 3 a.m last night, like always in the last moment.

Edit: I just got some other photos from the Ukranian group:

- that's the small convention hall, it's an ex-physics cabinet, which explains the panels on the wall and the desks.


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