Thursday, December 08, 2011

Snow and muffins

brownies with Dutch kruidnoten inside
Hey there!
Haven't had the opportunity to post updates since my departure from the Netherlands, but here it is now. The two flights I had were awesome, first time for night flying. I have to say that the wholeCopenhagen archipelago looks amazing from above, lighten up like a christmas tree. Ever since I landed at Helsinki, I have the weird feeling how I've been here before, than all the roads are familiar. It's a really nice feeling for home, but still weird enough. 
And Finland is awesome. It's like a cold breath after being in a sauna. Holland is a small country with huge population, which causes teaffic, crowds, closely placed small houses with 5-10 people living in them, while here half of the time I don't know if we're in or out of a city, because of all the space between buildings, and the amazing pine forests that are everywhere. You can breathe freely. I also love the countryside here - pine forests, big wooden houses painted in red, beige, or light blue/green, rocks, cliffs, deers and mooses walking around freely...I can blabber about it all night long. 
You'll see most of the impressions soon in photos, though I still have tons of shots from the Netherlands that still wait to be edited...I really suck at doing this at once, but oh well.
Currently, winter in Finland feels nice, dark, and snowy. Hopefully there will be more snow for the winter holidays. I can't be more happy for the absence of sun for most of the time, I was dreaming about this all my life - to have twice as long night as the daytime.
  That's about it for now. Expect photos soon, either from the Netherlands, or from Finland.


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