Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brussels Trip - Day 2/3

Hi again.
I just got to the last hotel, where I'll be staying and there's finally free wi-fi, so I can catch up with updates.
I don't have much time, because it's after midnight after a long day and I'll have to wake up at 5 a.m before the flight, so I'll post photos tomorrow, when I get back home and recieve all the files from the other people.

- a t-shirt I bought from Brussels and no, I don't have blond highlights, it's some reflection from the lamps.

See you tomorrow.

EDIT: So, I'm finally at home in Bulgaria. I recharged myself with a good amount of quality sleep and now I'm ready to post some photos, as promised.

Almost all of this second day passed in the European Parliament, so most of the photos are from there. We had several meetings and presentations, we also visited two sessions during which the deputies talked about the situation in Libya. We also gave away cards with the Bulgarian alphabet, because of 24th May which is the official day of the Cyrillic alphabet.

- infront of the European Parliament

- the European Parliament itself, a panoram shot built from 7 photos

- with some Tibetian monk who was touring Brussels

- insite the European Parliament, such an incredible building

- meeting with Kristian Vigenin [you can find more info about the trip on his website aswell]

- you can see me on the left, I'm the only one with a white t-shirt.

- with my roommate Galina [don't be fooled, she's much older than me]

- the EESC, where we met with Zoltan Krasznai.

- in the end, we got eco-bags, full of books, brochures and small gifts from the EP.

On our way to the hotel where we spent the night before the flight:
- as a person who lives in a country that's still far from the Western European eco - ideas, I was quite impressed by this guy in a suit, who was riding a bike. It's impossible to see something like this here

- and another photo from the streets of Brussels

In overall, the trip was awesome. Even though we had some troubles in the beginning, I remained fascinated by the life there. I'm glad I was able to go to Brussels and a huge thanks to the organizators. The trip was made as a replacement to my prom and I'm happy it happened that way.
That's all. Hopefully you enjoyed the posts from my trip and the short stories between them.



CrushingAxes said...

Oh Cool, you found Dalai Lama ! NOW KICK HIM IN THE NUTS, AND TELL THIS LAZY ASS BASTARD TO GET A FUCKING JOB ! =D. Please ! =D. And, thanks !;)

Violeta said...

Do you seriously think he has nuts? I somehow doubt that.

CrushingAxes said...

Hmmm... good point. I guess he doesn't, change of plans, give him a wet willy !

Violeta said...

bleh -.-