Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brussels Trip - Day 1

Hey guys!
Sorry for the missed update yesterday. Apparently the wi-fi at the airport in Brussels and in our hotel wasn't free and I decided not to pay 10 euros for just an hour. Still this entry will be posted backdated.

So here's what happened yesterday.
The flight was delayed with 4 hours, but in the end everything was okay. It was my first time on a plane, so I was really excited. Flying was awesome, though the landing was probably not the best thing for my insides.
Because of the delay, we skipped some of our meetings in the morning so we only had a panoramic tour in Brussels and dinner in the center - Grand Place.

Now the photos:

- my ticket

- the plane

- the BEST seat

I have tons of photos of the sky above the clouds, but here's a way cooler video of the plane going up:

- the wall of the Museum of Paleonthology





- Grand Place

That's for now.
Another update coming up.

PS: Almost all photos from the streets of Brussels are taken from the bus, which is why there are blurred parts on some photos.



CrushingAxes said...

not afraid of heights at all ! =D

Violeta said...

nope, not at all :]