Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Мартенски сняг

Честита Баба марта!
Най-сетне дойде времето, в което не изглеждам странно задето нося мартеници целогодишно.
For the first time, since I have memories, we have snow in March, and quite a stable cold. That means the summer won't come at least till the end of May and that works great for me.
Also I overslept terribly this morning and now I'm waiting for the taxi to come. At least the day will pass faster.

PS: Cultural lesson:
Every March we give to each other bracelets called "мартеници" for luck and health. We wear them till we see a stork or a swallow [but not me, I wear them during the whole year]. When we see one, we hang the martenitsa on a fruitful tree so that it can be productive. It's a really old pagan tradition and it's one of the celebrations I love the most, because it's ours not some american bullshit.

PS2: Here's what I got so far:

- more expected this week.


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