Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Long time no see during the early pre-morning hours, my dear followers. Yet, I'm in "flu" vacation for a week and in this post I'll share my thoughts about the internet piracy, provoked by the recent events, described below.
See, we live in a consuming, "bying" society. We're surrounded by commercials who shout "BUY ME! NO, ME! YOU DON'T NEED ME, BUT YOU HAVE TO BUY ME, BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE DOES!".
But when you sit infront of your computer, go into the sacred heavenly place called "INTERNET" and see the holy "DOWNLOAD" button, your inner pirate tells you "Hallo thar'! CLICKCLICKCLICK! It's free!"
Then come the problems.
There are these guys, who spend hell of a lot effort, repeating to you that downloading ruins other people's lives. The truth is - it ruins their lives, because their pockets are getting lighter. Usually, those who complain are producers, publishers or random agents who take 70-80% of the money who, as they keep saying to you, go to the artist. There's also the government that claims internet piracy is illegal and all those connected organisations who are hired to "control" torrent trackers[the usual suspects and please gods/aliens bless them for their existence!] or other "illegal" websites who provide free stuff.
Which is exactly what happened these days. Long story short: We have two big torrent trackers here. The agency of "control" is pursuing them for a long time. Once or twice in a year we have a blast of news like "we cought x admins and we confiscated y computers/servers/whatever " and the tracker is down for a few days. After that someone restores it on a new domain, or just from some back-up and the users are happy. Everything goes okay until the next blast alarm, then it starts all over again.
I'm asking, why is that necessary? Why do they have to play cat & mouse,"Tom&Jerry" style, all the time?
As an internet user, I believe in the free file sharing. Sure I'd buy a game/book/album if it's worth it, but since it's on the internet why not try it first for free. Things are a bit different with software, because if it's not for commercial purposes[or in other words, to use it to make money] I don't approve paying $400 for a cd + serial number [I'm talking about Adobe Photoshop in this case]. Oh and I'm never paying for Windows, ever.
I'm looking forward to the time, when these "government-user wars" will end but til then, I'll continue to shamelessly download everything I need from the internet and seed for those who want the same.

PS: I'm not drunk. I'm just pissed off. And I'm going to sleep.


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