Thursday, December 30, 2010


Time for the overall resume of the past year.

In my professional life:
- Probably the best year at school, also my last one. I participated in many conventions and won even more awards, including. My written work was published in newspapers and in a book + I got my first photography exhibition. I was also a guest in severeal tv shows. I had a lot of free time to continue with some researches too.

In my personal life:
- There was almost no drama during the past year but I've reconsidered once more my social circle. I met several great people and I'm thankful to the Internet for that.
I changed my hair colour couple of times, but I'm finishing the year with my natural one.
No new body modifications, though I was thinking about getting a new tattoo.

I expect big changes in 2011. Hopefully I'll get into university and be able to prepare for my departure to Sweden. That's what I want the most and probably everything will bounce around the idea. Falling in love is definitely not in my plans so I'll continue with my ignorance and successfully avoiding the social drama.

See you next year :]


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