Tuesday, November 30, 2010


English translation:

"Over me, there is silence,
Sky full of rain,
The rain comes through me,
But there's no pain anymore.
Along to the cold whispers of the stars,
We have burned the last bridge,
And everything's fell into abyss,
I'll become free
From evil and good,
My soul was on a knife's edge.

I could've been with you,
I could've forgotten all,
I could've loved you,
But it's all just a game.
In the wind's noise behind my back
I'll forget your voice
And forget all that earthly love
That burned both of us to ashes,
And I've been losing my mind...
There's no more place for you in my soul anymore.

I'm free, like a bird in the sky.
I'm free, I forgot what "fear" means.
I'm free, I'm racing with the wild wind.
I'm free, it's real, it's not a dream.

Over me, there is silence,
Sky filled with fire,
The light comes through me,
And I'm free again!
I'm free from love, from enemies and gossips,
From the foretold destiny
And from the earth's bonds,
From evil and from good...
There's no more place for you in my soul anymore"


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