Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To Stockholm and back + few weeks of nothing

Sorry for not being active much these weeks. It's been quite silent around here. Dark and gloomy skies for months, constant bad weather going from severe snowfalls to slush on the streets, nothing much to be done other that being home watching something and playing games. 
I did my best to take a break from the internet, and frankly it's been refreshing. 

During that time, here are the highlights:

This is what's been ruining every glitch of inspiration we might get. Completely impossible to get nice long exposures without light pollution carried by clouds to smudge half the photo.

We went on a short family cruise to Stockholm and back, no getting off the ship [and thank gods for that], only sailing. It felt great because of the family group and the slight change in the everyday life.

this is how daytime has been for a while now
I was traveling light, with only a backpack, so these photos were taken by Kalle.
Note: For photos from Stockholm, click here.

Currently, we're in Pori, since it's ski vacation week. We're keeping the place warm and working on some home projects. Sun showed up today, so I have some interior shots to share later on. 

I also applied for a International Business Bachelor program at Turku University of Applied Sciences, fingers crossed for the exam on April!

I'm also planning of putting some posts on a queue, so that I don't get behind again [like with the past few Video Sundays that are finally posted, only backdated].


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