Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution 2012

Almost forgot about thinking back and summarizing the year! still, last day, here we come.

I'm glad that I managed to accomplish most of last year's goals.
This year has been a lot less intense and maybe a bit boring, but also quite progressive in some areas.
Here's what happened:

  1. Maybe the most significant thing - Google+. Amazing community was formed there, I can only be happy to be a part.
  2. At the beginning of 2012, the sea froze, so we were able to walk on the very thick ice. The experience was incredible to me, since the Black sea in Bulgaria never freezes. 
  3. We got new family members - the gerbils tank and Topi. <3 br="br">
  4. I started making the Food of the day series.
  5. Visited Stockholm for the first time. Huge disappointment due to very high expectations [if you want to know why, check out the travel note].
  6. Around Easter, we moved to Turku, since we were spending most of our free time here anyways. Amazing city, gorgeous locations and nature. 
  7. Got involved into DiskGolf [and learned about it for the first time].
  8. Finally opened a 500px account, which changed a lot on how I viewed photography.
  9. Went again to Stockholm, still didn't like it.
  10. Summertime happened and witch it the amazing White nights and summer festivals such as Pori Jazz and DBTL. Also around Midsummer, I got my first own DSLR camera, my aunt's old Sony.
  11. In July, I had my 20th birthday. Sadly I had to spend most of the day at the dentist, due to several months of wisdom tooth pain that got to its peak, and the tooth had to go away. Thank gods.
  12. Also for my birthday, I got a new camera - Canon 600d, from Kalle. Now we can both shoot each other with Canons. <3 li="li">
  13. I started learning Finnish language at the local international school. I'm already in Level 3. The progress is slow, but sure.
  14. I got hooked up with Tumblr, for good or bad.
  15. Went to Umeå, Sweden.
  16. Prometheus came out, and we got ourselves a poster. Epicness.
  17. Carnival of Light happened, where I took some of my best shots for this year.
  18. One year in Finland rolled out from the calender.
  19. Got voted Popular on 500px.
  20. Got featured on Tumblr.
  21. Got a new family member - the Small Silver bunny Johnny Silver.
  22. 12.12.12 happened 
  23. Survived yet another apocalypse.
  24. Had another great Christmas.
And here we are, waiting for another New Year to come. 
My goals for 2013 are:

  • get a job
  • enroll in university studies
  • keep progressing with Finnish language
  • become better in photography
  • explore more [that kinda depends on the weather, but still...]
Thank you all for your support during this year! I wish you only the best and see you in 2013!


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