Wednesday, June 27, 2012


awesome Midsummer bonfire, done by Kalle
 Since it was my first time celebrating Midsummer, or as you may know it - the Summer Solstice, I don't have much to compare, but here are some thoughts and photos:

 Starting with the negative part. 
The only thing that minimize the enjoyment of the experience, at least for me, were the mosquitos. We had tons of those spirals that were supposed to keep the bugs away, but they failed. I still carry the bites and is making me crazy to restrain myself from scratching the skin out of my body. 
Also, mosquitos will be the major reason why you won't be seeing much nature photos this summer. Believe me, it's impossible to go out and even stop for a second, not to mention take your time to take a photo. There will immediately be a pack of 10 mosquitos trying to suck your blood through any open skin area.

Since it was a family gathering, there were many kids running around, playing in the water, and I really think that they and the dog had the best time during that day.

This birdie shot isn't a part of Midsummer but it's something I took with my new/first camera - a Sony Alpha A100.  
It was my aunt's for the past 5 years or so, but now I get to use it. 
I have to admit that it is a HUGE degrade after using Kalle's Canon 5D mk II in a matter of the camera feel, its functions and the focusing system, but it will be a good way to learn how to use it manually so that I can get the best out of it. And of course it is my first own dslr camera, so I'm back to the very basics.
I will be posting more images, but have in mind that they're still a sample of practice.


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