Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stockholm travel note II

At Gamla Stan, close to the Royal Palace.

We're back! 

Now, after we finally got enough sleep, here's the second Stockholm experience.
[once again, it's not the best trip I've had, so I'll try to describe things, that you most probably won't see in the brochures, but also good sides]
Passing through the Turku archipelago
The sailing this time was much better. We managed to get more sleep, there weren't as many people on a drinking cruise this time, so the ship was calm. Also, since the White nights are approaching, we were able to see more of the Turku archipelago and from Stockholm's islands. 
Breakfast on Silja line, passing through Stockholm archipelago
 What left us really bad impression from that part was a huge group of Korean tourists. They acted rude the entire time by overtaking the lines during breakfast, boarding and unboarding. Their behaviour was as if someone is racing with them to the food, like it's going to end, or like the ship is going to sail away before they get to the terminal.
And somehow the bad impressions always leave a deeper mark on the memories.
Moving on.
Arriving in Stockholm

 As I said before, Stockholm looks much prettier early in the morning, when everyone's still asleep and the streets are empty.
You really get to enjoy the architecture, get cool shots, and maybe interract with some of the "locals".
This morning was particulary cloudy, but later on the day became very sunny and warm.

Now, as you see on the bottom shot, that's why Stockholm is much better without the people.

One of the main streets of Stockholm
Even though this trip was better than the previous, I still stay beside my past comment about Stockholm, the high immigration levels there, and how it looks like the Orient and the far East are slowly taking over its Scandinavian cultural image.
For most people it's the natural outcome of globalization, but for me, as a person who highly appreciates the diversity of cultures, this type of  "colonization" is extremely repulsive. 
I'm not saying this in a nazi way, so don't get me wrong, I'm an immigrant here too. I just want to see Swedes and Swedish culture when I go to Sweden. If I feel like exploring the Orient, I'll go to Turkey and appreciate it there at its best. 
Stitching "patches" of your own different culture onto another country's image will only make it lose it. And honestly, I don't want another America in Europe.

If you want to get my opinion better, feel free to check out part one
For extra photos, check here.
If any questions or other opinions, write a comment.

More photos to come, so stay tuned.


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