Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surrounded by boxes

After all week packing, most of the shelves are finally empty. The floor however is like someone is playing tetris from above. Big plastic and cardboard boxes take care of many temporary blue spots on my sides, blame it to the clumsiness I have.
Plans are, by the next weekend to completely move to Turku. It will be an exciting weekend/week/next weekend, and both me and Kalle are impatient about it.
The new apartment is nice and spaceous, seems almost twice as big as this current one. It's really close to the archipelago, where many summer days will be spent.

Note that, due to moving I probably won't be able to update until we settle down.



Невестулка said...

Ааа, честито! Дано местенето е леко и безаварийно!

Violeta Ivanova said...

А мерси!