Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 days

Yes, another one. 
Long story short - I'm moving to Finland.
The actual long story below:

In the past two months I've been circling from one institution to another, yet the Dutch administration is one of the most horrible things to deal with in the world. In order to work here, I need a working permit, which is exceptional and only for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens, despite the fact that we're in the EU for few years now. Most people had no idea what kind of permit I'm looking for, or they sent me to others who were very much sure that I don't need any permits there. In the end, I spoke with the legal department of Randstad [organisation that works with students and it's supposed to be helpful] and they told me how getting this permit is nearly impossible, because no one wants to deal with bureaucracy, especially because of students who can work limited hours and who still don't speak Dutch language properly. Not to mention, I'm going to need another permit for working during vacations. I really want to work here, and to support myself without dealing with parents and such.
However, this is the main, but not the only reason for my decision. The second problem is the study system in Stenden university. The so called "self-study". As you can see from the name, it's focused mostly on student's preparation at home. There are almost no lectures, or if there are, the subjects are always something general, not specific. We have Problem-based learning sessions in which, based on a task we get to learning goals that later have to answer as homework. Time is never enough, and feedback is nonexistant. Sometimes I had the feeling the tutors have no idea what's going on during the module. And this really isn't working for me. If I'm going to self-study, I can do it without paying 1800 euros per year.
With those two reasons, developing over the past months, I decided to drop university. At first I was thinking of going back to Bulgaria for a bit and hitting the road again since I have nothing to do there anyways. But then Kalle said "Why don't you come to Finland?". Took me exactly 2 seconds to reply positively. I have a one-way ticket and one of my suitcases is already packed. I have more excitement than I used to have before coming here, because I'm not only going to Finland. We're also moving in together.
In the next 10 days there will be daily updates, so make sure you click here more often.


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