Thursday, September 08, 2011

Items von Dutch

- map of Leeuwarden
- cooking book for students [free gift from a Rabobank]
- Grolsch glass-pad
- unknown, but awesome tea package
- water bottle cap
- chip for free drink in a Ouwe Stoep pub on Pub street, Leeuwarden

I was thinking of how to show you the daily life here, without tons of crappy quality photos and this is what came up to my mind.
I don't use the map now, because I already know most of the city, but it was very helpful in my first week here. The cooking book has some nice recipes that I use and it gives me extra knowledge in Dutch language. Grolsch is a quite awesome Dutch beer [thanks Robin, for the recommendation]. The cap is there, because of the pro-green life in the Netherlands. The chip is something that was new to me in here - in almost all clubs and pubs you're required to buy these chips from automats in order to get drinks, the bars simply don't work with money. I got that free-drink one during the Pub Crawl in the Study Start week. And I don't know from what this tea is made of, but it's awesome. I'm drinking so much tea here, because of the bad windy rainy weather.

I'll do my best to update more often,  but I'm stuck under assignments, so be patient.

PS: next series - streets von Dutch


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