Friday, August 05, 2011


* summer shoes that have been through a lot
- belong to Kalle and me
- taken near the Monastery of Dryanovo.

I'm back home after two weeks spent on the road and in hotel rooms. Kalle came all the way from Finland [goddamn 3300km distance] and we had the most amazing two weeks for this summer. The daily routine was: wake up, prepare the gear, have breakfast, photograph, ice-cream, walk around, dinner, ice-cream, edit photos, sleep. Repeat.
We were mainly in my city, exploring the area and the cuisine, but we also made some trips around - to some caves, monasteries, forests and hills. There are around 12Gb of photos, mainly taken by Kalle, but edited with mutual efforts, so expect updates.

PS: Sleeping in my own bed feels weird now.


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