Thursday, June 09, 2011

Е3 2011: Invisible technology

I've been following closely E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo] and what I want to share with you is the idea of this year's expo.
Among all mega-companies there was the same pattern - making technology compact and invisible.

Compact. That was the idea behind the new Nintendo Wii U console. Taking the gaming to a different level. Here's the launching trailer of Wii U:

Invisible. That's probably the most impressing part of E3 I saw. Microsoft's technology Xbox 360 Kinect has been developped to a whole new level, even higher than Nintendo's. They presented a compact version of the Xbox Live network, which you can manage with only your voice. Not to mention the game experience that's now not only in simple sports games, but to shooters.
Take a look at the second part of the Microsoft press conference, though I suggest you to watch the other parts aswell:

I have to say, I'm not really a Microsoft's fan, neither I own an Xbox 360. But the level of technology they presented have blown my mind.
Future comes.


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