Saturday, May 21, 2011


I'm leaving tomorrow, so 3 a.m is a good time to finally start packing.
I normally don't carry much luggage, especially now, when I'll be gone for just 4 days.
Here are some photos:

- I was planning to go with my big backpack, but then I got a call from the organizators, who told me that my bag should be no more than 60cm high, so I guess I'll be travelling with my everyday backpack. Don't be fooled by the size, it can take a lot - tested many times.

-Notice that on every point from the trip, I'll be wearring about half of them.

- Printed plan with what I'll meetings and visits in Sofia and during the several days in Brussels; the book is "Snail on the slope" by the Strugatsky brothers; gums are Winterfresh and dark-blue Orbit, the small bottle under the Rexona is Avon's Wink roll-on travel edition.
Things not included: My laptop and its charger, because I'm currently using them, but they'll be with me during the trip for sure.

I'll be updating from the hotels, so keep an eye on my blog.

PS: The posts will be under tag "travel" for easy access.


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CrushingAxes said...

Nice, the hairbrush is also a fork ! That's useful !