Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What's in my school backpack [except notebooks and manuals]:

From left to right:

- the book is Stieg Larsson's "Mellenium: The men who hated women", but I think the english title is actually "The girl with the dragon tattoo". It's a great trilogy, I recommend it.
- mp4 player with a WWF sticker on the back
- hairclip
- chestnut. I found it a week ago on my way to school and I kept it.
- money and a printed statistic about politicians that I have to analyze for my journalistic class
- 4gb flash drive
- wallet
- the black banana-like thing is my sunglasses case
- handkerchiefs
- cellphone
- umbrella that I rarely use, even if it rains
- fingerless gloves
- massive keychain and keys
- my "school book" with zebra cover, where all my grades are written and where you can barely see my handwritting
- ID on the top of it

PS: It just started to rain.


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