Monday, November 22, 2010


1. Colgate toothpaste. The fresh mint helps me to wake up.
2. OXY is a face cleaner.
3. Activia breakfast is yoghurt with cereals. I usually oversleep for school so I don't have the time to prepare a real breakfast.
4. HP Compaq Presario CQ60 is my laptop.
5. Sony Ericsson S500 is my cell phone.
6. Rexona is awesome.
7. Nivea is because my lips crack from the cold.
8. Adidas is my backpack.
9. Circa are my sneakers. They're black and it came out impossible to take a visible shot of the logo, because it's black too. I'll probably switch to winter boots after a week or so.
10. Schneider Slider black pen, because I write really fast.
11. Sprite, because...well it's Sprite.
12. Elseve is my shampoo. It smells like honey and vanilla and it's awesome!
Many things aren't included but still I find this as a good way to start the month post-serie.


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