Thursday, November 17, 2011

18% Gray

Haven't had that in a while...
Taking a new book to "check out" from someone, starting to read it to "get myself to sleep", ending up 4 hours later with the back cover closed after 273 pages between my hands, and a half-full cup of already cold black asian tea with calendula - forgotten on the window sill.
The book is "18% Gray" by Zachary Karabashliev.
Nothing fancy, nothing mysterious, nothing tragic. Follows the idea "To find your self, first you have to lose it.", and the path of a man on the road. What is amazing about it, is that it's so incredibly close to a person's life, because of the simplicity and the realistic, almost movie-like, way of writing. Makes it so easy to read, pretty much in one breath.
A mixture of life, photography, theater, roads and intrigue. Highly recommended if you someday learn Bulgarian, or the book gets translated. I hope for the second, but who knows...
Still don't feel like sleeping, so I might make another tea, and this time don't forget about it.


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